The chance to talk

My approach to this work is educative as well as therapeutic.


I provide a safe and non-threatening environment where you can feel supported and understood, rather than condemned and vilified. Being able to talk freely about yourself, will not only bring relief, but also allow new perspectives on your behaviour to be discovered,  that will reduce shame.


Building trust in relationships


Challenging the deep-rooted reasons for shame and self loathing that follow problematic sexual activity  is a priority before the behaviour can be treated. Shame drives the unconscious anxiety that in turn drives the behaviour. Its known as the addiction cycle.


A focus of the work will be to develop trust in relationships as an alternative means of support when experiencing difficult feelings such as guilt, shame or low self esteem. You will find my approach open and positive, and within the boundaries of the law, not a prescription for right or wrong. 


There is often a limiting set of beliefs that have grown up with the behaviour. Part of the work will be to understand the role of those beliefs in maintaining the behaviour.